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Do you have a garage door that is suffering the wear and tear of everyday use? Is it damaged by weather? Do you want to repair or replace it? Have you recently remodeled the outside of your property? Are you considering replacing that old garage door too? Whatever the case, we, at A Plus Garage Doors & Repair, are the ones to call. Our company is the garage door supplier and garage door service provider for the job. Whether you are looking at a repair or replacement, for 28 years we have been well known and lauded for our high quality work and products, as well as reasonable prices.

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  • Address: 15015 West Airport Blvd #921, Sugar Land, TX 77498
  • Phone: (281) 313-0882

Top notch garage doorsA Plus Garage Doors & Repair has consultants, as well as repair staff, that will assist you in making the right decision to replace or repair your garage door. We have nearly three decades of experience supplying, repairing, installing, and automating garage doors. Getting things right for our clients first time is the basis of our excellent reputation. We will provide you with the assistance you need, when you need it and will come out to your location for a no obligation project assessment and a quote. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced and professional technicians.

 We will come to your property for an inspection, present you with an estimate on cost as well as the time it will take to complete the work and if possible we can even start working immediately in order to save you some time. All this makes us the industry leading garage door company in Sugar Land TX, and we assure you that if you need a garage door repair there is no other contractor that can deliver the same quality, affordability and prompt service as we can.

Professional solutions Some garage doors swing up in one piece, some roll up in sections, let our experienced professionals inspect your property and decide which type will suit your needs better. In many cases when a garage door isn’t working right, repairs can be quite simple. If a garage door is held on by mounting brackets, which hold the tracks to the walls of the garage our expert can simply tighten the screws back to their brackets or loosen the door’s bolts which can solve your issues. But, in other cases a simple repair won’t suffice. Then our team will make the expert decision whether more extensive repairs should be in selecting or it will be more cost effective to replace the garage door. If necessary, we will assist you select a new door to replace the old one. For more information please contact us.

 As a leading garage door supplier, A Plus Garage Doors & Repair has many options to choose from and can offer you the most suitable garage door for the budget you have to work with.

A sample of the services our garage door company provides include:

 Our services include:

  •  • Garage door installations.
  •  • Garage doors replacements.
  •  • Garage door repairs.
  •  • Commercial overhead door installation and repair.

A great variety of garage doors When you choose the garage door service of A Plus Garage Doors & Repair for your project you will be treated with the utmost care, respect and understanding. Our company is based in Sugar Land TX and we have successfully completed thousands of project leaving a relative number of pleased customers behind. Our professional contractors work quickly and efficiently. We address any emergency issues promptly and we pride ourselves in providing the most reliable service within the region.